What do we do?

KSF Entertainment Group

is based in Lohja, Finland with separate companies in Spain and most recently, the United States. The ownership, management team and staff have over 20 years experience in this specialised business. KSF is the only company in Europe which has its own complete in-house production team covering the following phases:

1. Song selection and licensing for worldwide use
2. Recording studio production
3. Lyric synchronisation and video editing
4. Audio mastering and DVD authoring
5. Graphic design for packaging
6. Digital distribution

Technology has been the focus of the company since 2010. Our focus has been on the development of new applications, digital services and innovative methods to bring the best karaoke experience to the consumer and professional market. When our clients require HD karaoke files, Gaming files for Xbox, Playstation or mobile platforms, KSF delivers it at an reasonable cost.